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Kyle & Amber Bond with Kenneth Early, EVP Commercial Relationship Manager at Texas Hill Country Bank

When Kyle and Amber Bond first met Kenneth Early (EVP, Commercial Relationship Manager) fifteen years ago, it was through Kyle’s work with the Kerrville Chamber of Commerce. Kyle and Kenneth quickly became friends who also shared hobbies on the weekends with their families. The hobby known most notably within their community? ...Their competitive barbecue team.  

As owner and manager of a growing Terminix franchise that services the hill country, Kyle turned to Kenneth to help him financially scale that growth, both with his business finances and his family’s. Kyle and Amber have trusted Kenneth and Texas Hill Country Bank with this relationship for many years now, and they haven’t looked back since.  

"Through that [barbeque] relationship, we became customers of the bank and have never looked back. We’ve been very thrilled with the service we've received. Kenneth has been an asset. He's helped us grow our company, purchase our homes... He's just been an asset to our family and to our business throughout those years."

—Kyle Bond 

As director of a nursing unit at Peterson Regional Health, the hospital and medical center in Kerrville that services the entire rural hill country community, Amber Bond understands attentiveness and dedication firsthand. She has always found those qualities in Kenneth and in the team at Texas Hill Country Bank. “This bank, when you walk in, everybody knows who you are. They greet you. It's a different experience than I've ever had in any other banking institution.” Amber knows that if there is a financial decision she is making or a banking question she has, Kenneth is only a phone call away to help her through it.  

Throughout his journey as a business owner, Kyle has used commercial banking services such as checking and savings to manage Terminix’s daily operations, and he has leveraged the growth of his business to utilize the personal real estate services offered by Texas Hill Country Bank. Kenneth has helped the Bond family with real estate financing for purchasing additional personal houses, as well as mortgage refinancing for their current homes. This loyal, steadfast partnership and friendship has given the Bond’s a sense of security, and the peace of mind in knowing that their wellbeing is in the most caring of hands.  


Executive Vice President, Commercial Relationship Manager

Trusted banking partnerships and friendly connections can help grow and streamline your business and your family finances.
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