Kenneth Early Shares How Service Has Guided His Lifelong Banking Career

Kenneth Early, Executive Vice President, Commercial Relationship Manager, believes that, “People will always remember and appreciate those that provide superior service.” It has been his guiding personal mission throughout his lifelong banking career. Kenneth shares about his passion for partnering with his clients to help them achieve financial success, his hobbies and community involvement outside of the bank, and what inspires him about working in the Texas Hill Country.

What is your experience and career background?

I began my banking career in 1986 as a Mail Clerk, and I have been a banker my entire professional career. I have held a variety of positions since then. I have been a proof operator, a teller, an accounting clerk, a loan ops clerk, a loan review officer, a commercial lender, and a president and chief executive officer.

What is your specialty professionally, and how do you serve your clients through your position at Texas Hill Country Bank?

I lend money and assist with deposit product selection to individuals and businesses.  Additionally, I give some financial assistance to both, through my knowledge gained from the experiences of those I’ve served in the past. We are all a product of our experiences. I find enjoyment in watching a borrower grow.

What are your activities and hobbies outside of work?

I enjoy playing golf, hunting, fishing, and cooking barbeque. I am a member of a barbeque team and we compete in competitions throughout the year. I split my time in those activities with my four grandkids.

Which community organizations are you involved with?

The Kerr County United Way, the City of Kerrville TIRZ Board, Rotary, and the Kerrville Area Chamber of Commerce.

What inspires you about working in the Texas Hill Country?

Watching a borrower also become a depositor is the definition of success, in my opinion. With the growth in the Texas Hill Country, I continue to see more of that success now than ever.


Which of our Texas Partners Bank values resonates most with you in your work, and why?

Service – we all can make a living selling something of value to someone else. That “someone else” may or may not remember the person that sold them the “something of value” if the sale was price only. People will always remember and appreciate those who provide superior service, and that service will sell itself again and again, most of the time, regardless of price.


Executive Vice President, Commercial Relationship Manager

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