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As a Battalion Chief of the Kerrville Fire Department, Mark Logue has spent his career dedicated to selflessly serving his community. Mark moved to Kerrville in 1996, when he joined the fire department. In 1998, he earned his real estate license and within a few years he was investing in real estate as a side hobby. Now owner of his successful real estate business, Logue Real Property Investments is Mark’s entity for acquiring investment property throughout Kerrville and surrounding areas. 

Much of the growth that Mark’s investment business has experienced over the past several years he attributes to his relationship with Kenneth Early and Stormy Boyd at Texas Hill Country Bank. His business was very slow growing until he moved to Texas Hill Country Bank from a larger bank, and Kenneth’s support propelled Logue Real Property Investments to grow. Mark’s story is a testament to the power of partnership and having a trusted relationship with bankers who are only a phone call away, and who are personally invested in helping their neighbors succeed. 

Kenneth is very easy to talk to. He understands the business I’m in. So he’s always able to offer loan products that work for my needs. The local bank is able to provide services that were not available to me when I was working with larger national banks. They’re a phone call away...I’ve never found a bank that was easier to work with.

—Mark Logue 

Having a familiar voice on the other end of the phone line helped Mark expand his portfolio at a much faster pace, because he’s speaking with the same trusted bankers every time he needs assistance with a new real estate deal. Mark appreciates that he can lean on Kenneth for his perspective when considering pursuing a new deal, and he can lean on Stormy to help him execute the necessary paperwork to manage his multiple properties with ease, efficiency and speed.  

Being able to call the bank and get a hold of someone that I know, that I’ve worked with numerous times in the past, is always comforting. They know my history. I don’t have to explain myself to somebody that is hearing it for the first time again. Stormy [Boyd] has always helped me with the money market accounts and saving accounts to make it easier to track each property...she takes care of everything and it’s a done deal.

— Mark Logue 

Making the change from a national bank to Texas Hill Country Bank was a business decision that Mark is proud of. The personal relationships he has made with his team of trusted banking advisors has provided him the support that has powered growth for his business, and offered him peace of mind that his local bank always has his best business interests at heart.  


Senior Vice President, Commercial Relationship Manager

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