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Investment Sweep

Protecting Your Business Deposits 

Automated Technology Means Greater Efficiency

With Investment Sweep, you can automate manual transfers and receive a competitive return on your excess business checking balances. With Texas Hill Country Bank, your deposits are always with us, not swept to an account outside of the United States or an uninsured money fund.
  • You earn interest on your idle business checking balances
  • Offers easy set-up and management
  • Gives you an unlimited number of transactions to support cash flow
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing Texas Hill Country Bank business checking account
  • Assures you that invested funds are a deposit of Texas Hill Country Bank
  • A loan sweep automatically moves collected funds between your checking account and line of credit
  • Provides automatic loan advances and pay downs
  • Minimizes interest expense
  • Reduces the likelihood of an overdraft
  • Maximizes the use of your funds
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing Hill Country business checking account
A Zero Balance Account (ZBA) automatically moves funds between two checking accounts, eliminating manual transfers and consolidating your funds. You can use it for payroll, refund, collection and disbursement accounts.

Combine a ZBA with Investment Sweep or Loan Sweep to ensure maximum cash management efficiency.