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On the Deer Creek Camp grounds, from left to right: John Caleb Sanders, Jesse Sanders, and Steve Cone. 


Deer Creek Camp, nestled in the scenic Texas Hill Country community of Medina, is more than just a summer retreat. It is a testament to the inspiring journey of the Sanders family, who transformed their shared passion for basketball and a desire to serve others into a thriving camping ministry. After pursuing basketball careers collegiately, and then professionally, in Europe, the Sanders brothers found themselves back in the U.S., once retired from basketball. They pursued various paths in different cities stateside, but their ultimate dream was to one day combine their professional backgrounds to own and operate a ministry camp. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the opportunity presented itself for them to buy Deer Creek Camp in Medina and make their lifelong dream of working together a reality.  

DeeDee Peterson, Vice President, Commercial Relationship Manager at Texas Hill Country Bank, has a personal connection to the camp and has been an integral partner in helping the Sanders family purchase, operate, and expand the camp lands into a thriving, year-round retreat. “My son, Davis, has attended ‘The Rock’ at Deer Creek Camp for the past two years, and has absolutely loved the experience. Not only has he improved his basketball skills, but he has grown in his faith as well,” says DeeDee. She was drawn to the project professionally and personally, because she is passionate about partnerships that serve the community.


At the camp grounds creek, from left to right: John Caleb Sanders, Dee Dee Peterson, and Jesse Sanders.


Now, with the entire Sanders family and their team living on the camp land and managing its operations, Deer Creek offers camps in the summer and retreats in the off-season months that include staff training, sports camps, adventure camps, and special needs weeks. Deer Creek Camp also collaborates with outside churches to facilitate their own programs, providing an opportunity for these churches to enjoy the camp's facilities and services. With the support of Texas Hill Country Bank, through land purchasing and construction loans, and treasury management products such as remote capture and online banking, Deer Creek Camp’s facilities are able to serve thousands of people each year.  

The journey to becoming a stable and growing business wasn’t without challenge and uncertainty. To make their grand vision a reality, the Sanders family required a financial partner that offered personalized service and  understood the needs of their local community in order to help them grow. DeeDee and her team at the bank have worked closely with the Sanders family to find creative solutions that have allowed them to meet their goals.  

While Jesse Sanders primarily occupies a role within the ministry, he has witnessed firsthand how Texas Hill Country Bank has provided support in managing Deer Creek Camp’s daily operations. With a direct line of communication and prompt responses, the family has found comfort in knowing that they can reach out to DeeDee and her team whenever they have questions or need assistance. This personalized approach has fostered a strong banking partnership that has been invaluable to the Sanders siblings as they work to serve others.   

“Coming from Houston, I was used to my relationship with a bank being like my relationship with an airline. You call customer service and you get the runaround. Actually having a face and a real person to know and work with, and someone that you see at your children’s sports games or in town at the store, is really refreshing. There's a real person that knows who you are and who has a vested interest in what you're doing and who wants to help.”  

For DeeDee, serving as a thought partner in Deer Creek Camp’s growth has been inspiring. “Deer Creek Camp inspires me because they are passionate about what they do for others. It shows through their dedication to serving the hill country community and their leadership by example as they love through faith.” 


Vice President, Commercial Banking Relationship Manager
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