A Jewel in the Cowboy Capital

At Hyo Silver boutique in Bandera, Texas, from left to right: DeeDee Peterson and Jo Symons.

Nestled in the heart of the Cowboy Capital of the World, Bandera, Texas, Hyo Silver stands as a boutique treasure for lovers of turquoise jewelry, engraved belt buckles, embellished pocketknives, and more. Established in 1999 by the remarkable Jo Symons, former Miss Rodeo Australia, Hyo Silver exudes the spirit of the Texas Hill Country through ornamental masterpieces that seamlessly blend gold and silver, capturing the essence of Western heritage. Hyo Silver contributes to the preservation of Western culture by sharing its distinct styles, cherished traditions, and timeless values with sophistication and refinement.

As a business owner, Jo Symons acknowledges the pivotal role Texas Partners Bank has played in Hyo Silver's growth. The bank's seamless support has facilitated crucial steps, including the acquisition of the historical 1800s building that now houses their retail store. Situated on Bandera's original main street, 11th Street, the store serves as a testament to Hyo Silver's commitment to preserving Western heritage and contributing to the local community's charm.

Working alongside her mother, Josie Symons envisions Hyo Silver's future: sustained online growth, a second retail location, and transforming Bandera into a bustling tourist destination. The business thrives on community support, expanding its product catalog based on feedback to cater to diverse tastes. Hyo Silver goes beyond curated selections, offering clients the chance to customize jewelry with skilled designers for personalized, high-quality pieces.

I just like small town banking. I like feeling a personal connection to the person that I’m on the phone with, and knowing that I’m going to walk into the bank and talk to someone that I’m familiar with seeing when I have a financial need.

– Jo Symons, Hyo Silver

Jo Symons' daughter, Josie Symons values the small-town approach of Texas Partners Bank. With a personal connection to her banker, DeeDee Peterson, Vice President, Commercial Relationship Manager, Symons appreciates the familiarity and community-oriented mindset the bank provides. As a member of the local community first and foremost, Peterson understands the Symons’ business intimately, creating a personal bond beyond just financial transactions. 

Collaborating with Jo is enjoyable for several reasons. Her creativity and innovative ideas often lead to unique solutions, making the collaboration process exciting and rewarding. Jo’s open communication style fosters a positive working relationship, allowing for smooth exchanges of feedback and ideas. Her strong work ethic and commitment to excellence contribute to the success of her business.  

– DeeDee Peterson, Vice President, Commercial Relationship Manager, Texas Partners Bank

 Hyo Silver is not just a jewelry boutique; it's a testament to the spirit of Bandera, blending tradition with contemporary elegance while cultivating lasting relationships within the community and beyond.

DeeDee Peterson
Vice President, Relationship Manager, Texas Partners Bank

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